Ashley + Brandon | Salt Lake Engagement Session

She's from Washington and he's a Texan! This cute couple grew up over 18 hundred miles apart and meet while taking summer classes at BYU in Provo, UT. Ashley was taking general Chemistry and Brandon was in Organic Chemistry....and then they found their own Chemistry with each other! I don't blame them one bit for getting distracted while studying all the chemistry...I'd be lookin' for something more interesting too!

Just kidding...Chemistry is totally cool!...Should we say Chemistry one more time? haha!

Ashley made the first move to break the ice and asked Brandon to come running with her. Running straight up hill! No wonder these two didn't have any trouble hiking up the muddy mountain for their engagements. Oh, and she did it in wedges. No big deal.

Brandon recently popped the question late one night, surprising Ashley with a super cute italian dinner set up! He bought her several little meaningful gifts with notes attached to each one. He had written things he loved about Ashley on the notes and then she found the ring at the bottom of the bag!

Really enjoyed my time with these two and wish them the best of luck on their upcoming wedding in Portland!      

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