Amos + Londyn Engaged || Utah Engagement Photography

Once again, I love what I do! I love it because I get to capture and share love stories…it really is such an awesome experience! I will admit, I get a little attached to my clients so it makes the experience all that much better. I’d like you to meet this simply adorable couple- Amos and Londyn. I had a blast with them on their engagement session! They are so sweet and have great personalities that go so well together. Here’s how the happy couple met and how Amos proposed from the mouth of Londyn:

“So I met Amos a couple weeks after he got home from his (LDS) mission in England, I had been friends with his little brother (who currently is on a mission in Florida) for a while. So his brother brought Amos to a little bonfire party and that was the first time we met. He always tells me that the first thing he noticed about me that night was my long blonde hair. We didn’t really talk a whole lot, but one day I got a text from him asking if I wanted to play tennis with him, his friend and friend’s girlfriend. (He actually stole his little brothers phone to get my number haha ) so we played tennis and then went back to his friends house to watch a movie. Nothing too exciting haha, but we’ve pretty much been together everyday since!  The next date was when I found out he was a great cook (score for me!) when he made me dinner . We had been together a year (2 days before our anniversary) when he proposed to me. I was not expecting it at all! Everyone had been keeping it a secret from me, even my little brother! So we went up to snow basin and rode the gondola up the mountain and then hiked from there to the top. Honestly by the end I was dead haha, so I sat on a rock for a second and he told me to stand up so we could take a picture. Then he reached in his backpack for his “camera” and pulled out the ring! (He had the ring custom made and it was exactly what I wanted ) I was completely shocked! I seriously couldn’t believe it was happening! So obviously he asked me to marry him, I said yes and that’s been the best day of my life thus far “

You can just tell how sweet Londyn is by all of her smiley faces!

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