Brandee & Brady Engaged! || Utah Engagement Photographer

The camera loved this cute couple! And so did I! Brady and Brandee are High School sweethearts finally tying the knot next month.
How they met: “We met in high school, our senior year. We went on our first date and have been together ever since….and I’m the one who asked him out, kinda funny!”
How he asked: “Brady told me he had something planned and wanted to take me out, so I was of course thinking ‘This is it. He’s going to ask me.’ He picked me up and we ended up just going to a nice restaurant. I was thinking ‘Oh no. Don’t ask here.’ (ha ha) So we made it through dinner and he just started driving home. I was a little disappointed because he said he had something planned. Then  we get to my house and there was something on my porch. Brady told me to open it and it was a tiny puppy with the ring on her collar! He took the ring off, got down on one knee and asked.”