Jon+Rondy Engagements || Ogden Utah Wedding Photographer

Meet Jon and Rondy, a lovable couple who like to have fun! These two are just too cute. And I think you'll agree after reading their love story (you have to read it!) and looking through some of their pictures below! Totally looking forward to their wedding day. So excited for this happy couple!

Through Jon’s Eyes-How we met & our first date.

Every forever after has a beginning… ours begins on a chilly day in November of 2011. Rondy’s mother had since told me of her beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous, and sweet daughter. We had a mutual friend who was leaving on an LDS mission and little did I know she would be at the farewell. As the meeting ended and I turned to leave I saw her! She was beautiful! It was like a movie. (enter Cutting Crews hit single “I just died in your arms tonight”) I was so nervous I walked right on by while giving a shy smile. Then, naturally, like a creepy, I waited outside for her. Once outside I struck up a conversation with her and her mother. And that’s where it began! We sat by each other during the luncheon and planned our first date. Three days later a classic, bowling & dinner. I picked her up at her apartment in sugarhouse and we headed to the Olive Garden. Once there, she got the giggles and they lasted all night. After dinner we headed to Fat Cats and bowled the night away.  Literally. They kicked us out. While bowling I discovered she has the cutest bowling form known to man. She does an amazing “fall down” and I immediately “fell down” in love with her. It was getting late, around 2:00AM, we headed over to In-n-out for a shake and talked for hours.  The night was coming to a close and I was making an important decision, was I going to try and hold her hand? In the car i sneakily placed my hand on her knee.. She sneakily placed her hand in mine. And then I unsneakily hit the gas too hard while backing up and ran into their garbage can. The scratch on my car remains to this day. And that was the start of our never ending story!

Through Rondy’s eyes- The proposal.

It was about a week before Christmas of 2013. After 2 years of dating, I had finally gotten my big huge revelation that Jon was the one!! I think I had known it all along but was really scared to admit it. I called up my sister to tell her and she immediately hung up the phone to call Jon and tell him he’d better hurry and get a ring! I was so nervous to talk Jon after that because I knew we were going to get married! It was like our first date all over again! Christmas eve came around and Jon told me that he had a special Christmas eve date planned. I had a feeling that he might be up to something but my family had me convinced that there was no way he could get a ring that fast. Jon picked me up and took me to Farmington Station to go ice skating! His friends were joining us so while we were waiting for them we went in to Costa Vida and got some queso dip to share. He must have known that cheese was the way to my heart! We then walked over to the ice rink. As we were standing there waiting for his friends I kept begging him that we could wait inside a store because it was so cold! He kept changing the subject. After a couple of minutes Jon asked what would happen if he asked me to dance. I told him that he would never dance with me in public, but he said lets dance! I was shocked but still didn’t think anything more! There wasn’t any music so Jon pulled out his phone and put on one of our songs. We crazily and very uncordinatingly danced around the fountain! It was so cute! I have always wanted to dance in public! The moment was perfect and at one point it dawned on me what was happening but then I pushed the thought out of my mind so that I didn’t panic and just enjoyed it! When the song ended Jon dipped me and then said, “Rondy, I have something very special for you.” He reached into his pocket and I immediately stopped breathing and started tearing up until… Jon pulled out a red Silly Putty from his pocket. You see… for that past year Jon had jokingly proposed once a day. Since the time when I had decided that I would say yes I told Jon that he could not propose anymore unless it was real! So when he tricked me into thinking he was pulling out a ring and pulled out a silly putty instead I started hitting him! “Jon! I told you not to do it unless it was real!!” At that moment Jon dropped to his knees and opened the red Silly Putty, that he had saved from our first date, to reveal the most beautiful ring! From that moment everything was silent and blurry! I tackled him to the ground and he kept asking if I was going to say yes? But I didn’t even hear him ask! Everything was so blurry! I said YES! And have been the most happiest I could ever be knowing that I will get to spend all of forever with this special special boy!