Ben+Amy Engaged || Logan Utah Wedding Photographer

We started off this engagement session on the Utah State campus...which brings back so many sweet memories of falling in love with my stud of husband! This cute couple couldn't keep their hands off each other and I'm pretty sure Amy giggled 90% of time! Here's Ben and Amy's story...

We first met on September 7th. Ben had come over to his friend Scott's apartment and Scott told Ben that they were going to his sisters apartment next door to watch a movie. 

That's where I come in. Me and my roommate were sitting on my bed watching a movie, when we heard voices. Man voices. We both were in our pjs with our messy hair and no makeup and I walk out to see what was going on. I saw my roommates brother and some of his friends. We decided to watch the hunger games and me and my roommate, Heidi, sat in the kitchen watching. 

Bens perspective: 

I walked in and saw her, and I took a double take. She was simply beautiful. I did all I could to talk to her, get her attention, get her to sit by me.. But there was no progress. 

Amy's :

There was this guy in front of me. He looked cute but kept doing weird things. The next day I was walking and there was this boy who came down the stairs calling my name. It was dark and I asked who he was. It was Ben and I felt bad I didn't remember his name. 


I saw her on that Sunday, called out "hi Amy" and she said "who are you?" At that point I didn't know what to do. She didn't even know I existed. All week I tried to get her attention. I wanted to ask her to homecoming but couldn't muster up the courage. 

Thursday night came and the dance was the next day. I got enough courage to go over to her apartment where I found her sitting with all her roommates revising a paper she had just wrote. I looked at the title "unrealistic dating expectations." Agh.. How could I ask her out with all her roommates there. 

Amy's : 

I hadn't seen him all week really.. I had tried going places that he would be and I was almost ready to be done when he walked in my door Thursday night. I was excited because he asked me out on a date the next day!

First date:

We went to the homecoming dance together. The dance itself was not our type of dance so we left and just had fun doing random activities. One activities was drawing pictures based on one written sentence. I am not artistic and ended up drawing a terrible picture. Ben wouldn't let me destroy it and he still has it. 


I am really hard to surprise but Ben wanted to do something special for our 5 month anniversary of dating and Valentines Day. So he told me that we would be doing a three week date night. The first week was a simple date: movie and ice cream. Second week would be going out to dinner then he said the third week (Valentines Day) would be "special". I would need to be dressed very nice. So I thought he would propose on the  third week. However the second week rolls around and he takes me to a park that we went to on our first "alone" date. We were drinking hot cocoa then decided to leave cause his feet were soaking in the snow. As we are leaving he turn to me and says he left the keys on the bench and if I would go get them. I looked at him like "are you serious? Get your own keys." But I went and saw a small box by the keys. I turned around and he is on one knee in the snow.

She said yes, and now their planning a wedding!

 This photo is a 100% candid moment of these two spotting a squirrel in the tree next to us! So cute, huh!?

This photo is a 100% candid moment of these two spotting a squirrel in the tree next to us! So cute, huh!?


So..I kinda hate bugs. And in the middle of snapping a shot Ben asks, "Are those bugs all over your bag?". Why yes, yes they are....tons of them!!!! Sick. Thankfully Ben was a man about it and brushed all of those nasties off and I tried not to feel like a million of these were crawling all over me.