Devan+Chauni Engaged || Utah engagement photographer

I had so many favorites from this session...well every session I typically have way too many favorites. I've been so blessed to have been able to work with so many awesome couples so far this year and to add to the list of those couples is Devan and Chauni! Here's their story...


"Have you ever heard of the phrase" everything happens for a reason"? Well that is not just a phrase that IS exactly what happened. Call it destiny call it fate, all I know is that this is meant to be, and I am so grateful, words can not describe.  The story begins with how they say when you are the boss of a store and you are "not" supposed to date your employees, well funny story; I did. And I found the love of my life by doing so. I was the manager of a store called Journeys (the shoe store) in the New Gate Mall in Ogden Utah. I just took over the store and was new to the team. We kept it very professional until later our dear friend said "hey.. you and Chauni would be pretty cute together man." and i told him "bro don't say that out loud she will hear you." and that's when Chauni and I started talking.

When I took her out for the first time, it was definitely an interesting one. We went to dinner and all we could talk about were the crapy people that we had dated in the past! We both had a crapy day that day. Hours later we had found that we have so much in common with each other and it brought out our true feelings for one another. No one was aloud to know that we had feelings for each other because I was her boss. We had a blast keeping it a secret! Sooner than later though she had to quit or I had to quit because we didn't want to hide it any more. So we did the more logical thing and we both quit, and started our lives together.

What is crazy about all of this, is that I always told myself when I was in high school that I was not going to get married until I was 40, because I've been through so much in my life. Well, I've had this feeling in my heart that I have never felt before and wasn't too sure what to think about it. I knew that I loved her, I would do absolutely anything for her. I felt this warm amazing feeling of peace in my heart that I had found my wife, the woman that i shall marry. I was very excited about it but also scared, the thing is though that I knew that everything happens for a reason and I knew it was right. Well as time went by I was thinking about ways to pop the question that would just blow her mind and that would just amaze her. Thinking to myself, "how in the hell am I going to this?" I had to ask this wonderful woman if she would spend the rest of her life with me during a family trip that I had been invited to go on with her family. We were going to Disney world, so i thought it would be perfect. She loves everything about Disney and always felt like she was a true princess. So I thought I would do it in front of the world famous cinderella castle. I had talked with her mom and it was all in motion and ready to go, had the ring and just needed time to go faster and the vacation to get here sooner so that I could propose to my lovely lady. Well of course I changed my mind! She knew I had gotten the ring and had an idea that it was going to happen. She didn't know when, but she knew. She dressed up everyday no matter where we went because she wanted to look fancy for when it happened. Weeks went by and she was getting antsy because it wasn't happening! she kept asking and i told her that she'll have to just wait and be surprised, just wait, just wait, just wait. She didn't like that. She was now expecting it to happen in Florida where we were going for our trip. At the last second I changed my mind just because i thought to myself that this is a moment that i'm going to be sharing with just Chauni's family in another state, and don't get me wrong I was totally fine with that, but I thought why not share it with all of my family too. Luckily Chauni's parents were having a little get together with some family friends. I called Chauni's mom and told her that I had changed my mind, the day of, and wanted to propose that night. I called my mom and told her that she needed to be there too. I was getting off work and meeting my mom and brother at Chauni's parent's house. Chauni was all ready there and when I walked in she definitely thought something was up. So I acted like it was just another day... sat down for dinner, we all ate and Chauni had relaxed, finally. An hour goes by, we are all done eating dinner and sitting in the family room talking amongst our selves. I stopped everyone and said that I had an announcement that I needed to make. Chauni's face was like "what?" I grabbed her hand and pulled her up in front of everyone, and told her, "I never would have thought that I would have found the woman of my dreams so soon, you mean the world to me, will you marry me?" and she said yes. :) the best part is that it was the one night she did NOT dress all fancy and i got the joy of catching her by surprise and being the happiest man in the world! Our wedding is on June 21, of 2014 and our adventure is just beginning. Everything happens for a reason."