Parker+Caitlin Engaged || Logan Wedding Photographer

From swinging to chickens and barns I had a blast during this engagement session with such a darling couple (and her grandma)! Parker and Caitlin are doing a country themed wedding so naturally, chickens were a must! (I totally want some chicks)

Here's their story and pictures to follow...

 "Our love story took off on a September night. We had been texting on and off for a few months but had not yet met. I was coming down from Logan on a spontaneous road trip to Provo with some friends and figured I might as well text Parker and let him know I was in town. My friends and I were just looking for some cute boys to hang out with. Parker invited us to come and play games at a warehouse that the pest control company he worked for owned. We agreed to come later that night. As the time got closer and closer I was beginning to chicken out. I kept telling my friends that we didn't have to go and that we should find something else to do. They kept telling me "No, we are going to go check out the scene! And who knows he could be you future husband!" I was like yea right! But we ended up going anyways. We pulled up to the warehouse and I was SO nervous! We checked out the scene and made sure it was safe cause I was pretty sketched out that he told us to come to a warehouse but there were tons of people there so it looked safe. Parker came and opened up the door to let us in and I just remember how cute he was! He was tall, tan and had THE bluest eyes. I thought I was in a dream. And on top of that he was super sweet! He was my dream guy! Then we played some basketball and ping pong and just hung out and talked. My friends left me cause it was getting late, like two in the morning and he offered to drive me home. We went and got ice cream at Sonic and he dropped me off where I was staying. I couldn't fall asleep! I was in la la land. I was praying that I would get to see him again. He texted me like a half hour after he dropped me off and asked if I was free the next day and of course I said YES! I think I got like 2 hours of sleep that night."

        "So I was hanging out with some friends when my phone buzzed from a text i just received. It was this message from caitlin. she said that she was coming down to provo with some of her friends and she said we should do something. I was pretty excited, I've been wanting to meet her for some time now, but haven't ben able to because she lives in logan. A bunch of friends were planning on going to our companies warehouse to play games that same night, so I invited her to come with. I was thinking that it was kinda a scary thing going to a warehouse with a guy she had never met so I told her she could bring her friends as well. I was really excited that she said they would come.
        It was getting late and there was still no sign of caitlin, so i was kinda getting nervous that she wouldn't be coming, when my phone rang and i saw that caitlin was calling. My first thought was that she was going to say they weren't going to make it. When i answered the phone she said they were outside the door waiting to come it! I didn't want to seem to excited so i slowly walked to the door trying to play it off cool haha. Really the only thing I remember when i opened the door was seeing her look up at me and smile. I knew at that moment that this one was different. We ended up playing a bunch of different types of games, and i also found out that caitlin is pretty much amazing at basketball, which i love. After i dropped her off, i told my friends that i want to ask her out again tomorrow, but i didn't know if it was too soon to ask. They said to wait for a bit, but i couldn't wait any longer so i asked her what she was doing the next day and if she wanted to go out with me again. It was only like a minute after i texted her, but i seemed like an eternity to me, i opened my phone and she said she would love to!"


"So the day after we had finally met we went on our first real date. We went on a hike and just talked for a really long time. It felt like I had known him for a long time! After we went and got some Thai food. It was very comfortable but both of us were still nervous so neither of us really touched our food. After we ate he had to go to work but said he would call me after to see what I was up to. Later that night he called at like ten and came and picked me up and we went and saw a movie! And he made the first move and held my hand! I was so happy! Then after he dropped me off and I had to head back to Logan. It was a hard goodbye and that is when I knew he was the one, even he hadn't realized that yet :) ....and the rest is history!"

        "I had told Caitlin we were going to meet some friends of ours at draper park. I told her that we were all going to a karaoke place, and that we were meeting them there so we could all drive together. I don't think she was too excited for that haha. I just told her that, so when we were going to the park that hopefully she wouldn't know what was really going on. During the day we did all of our favorite things together. We went bowling, saw a movie, ate at her favorite thai food place, and went to the sweet tooth fairy (which is a cupcake store). I was pretty nervous that whole day so i think she could tell that something was up by the way I was acting. While we were out for the day, my family and her cousin went to the park and set everything up for us. So when the time came to go to the park I was sooooo nervous, I was hoping that all of the stuff was set up and that everything would work out. When we got to the park I took a couple of deep breaths and got out of the car. I said that we were meeting them over by the bridge. The closer we got to the bridge the more nervous I got, but I was also getting more excited too! I could see that everything was set up including the video that I had made of our pictures together, which I had put to music. We sat down around the little red table, and I pushed play. After the video i had this little speech ready to tell her about how much I loved her, but when it came time to say it I couldn't really get any words out. So I told her I loved her and slowly pulled out the ring. I could hardly say anything but I managed to get out the proposal. And she said yes!!!!!!!"

 Insert Nacho Libre voice... "Hey! I like your cow."

Insert Nacho Libre voice... "Hey! I like your cow."

 The cows totally loved these two!

The cows totally loved these two!

 I told Parker and Caitlin that I wanted them to do more of a serious look...and the pictures above are what I got haha. They crack me up. Caitlin just couldn't do the serious face...and I love how Parker tries to keep it together!

I told Parker and Caitlin that I wanted them to do more of a serious look...and the pictures above are what I got haha. They crack me up. Caitlin just couldn't do the serious face...and I love how Parker tries to keep it together!