Christian + Anna Engaged || Utah Engagement Photographer

I met Anna and Christian at the Ogden Bridal Gathering last month and they were the lucky winners of the engagement session giveaway! I think we must have scheduled and rescheduled this session 4 or 5 times…these two have super busy lives right now and on top of it all they’re planning a wedding! Turns out all the rescheduling was a good thing. We got a fresh blanket of snow right before the session. Anna handled those heals in the snow like a boss and Christian is a man of many outfits! But seriously, we had a really good time and you’ll see that in the pictures.  Below are some of my favorites from the day and, of course, this beautiful couple’s story of how they met told by Anna.

“Christian and I ran into each other two nights in a row without actually meeting or knowing each other’s names. First night was in Ogden and the second in Salt Lake City. We were just stealing glances from across the room both nights. He recognized one of my friends I was with and asked around for her number to try and find out who I was. He got no where with that attempt. He still didn’t know my name yet but he had a dream about me and awoke with the feeling that he had to meet me. That night he got on Facebook and my name randomly popped up. He messaged me and got my number. It took us a couple months to actually get together but once we did sparks flew.

Our first date was a family affair. We went to Thriller at Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake City with his brothers and their wives. We drove down with his youngest brother Rob  and his wife, Whitney. The conversation down was very light hearted and easy. After the show we didn’t want the night to end. We decided on the drive home to all meet up at one of his siblings houses and watch a scary movie. We cuddled up on the bean bag chair together and it felt very right. When he dropped me off at home I felt so giddy. I walked straight to my parents bedroom and told them that I found the one. We both had that feeling from early on.”


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