Kyle+Nicole Engaged || Utah Wedding Photographer

I just loved my time with this happy couple, they are the sweetest!! So glad I get to capture all their wedding bliss! Here's how Kyle and Nicole met and feel in love...

First met/first date : Both of us had some failed attempts at dating. Luckily, we had some good roommates that were looking out for us.  Our roommates were dating each other and kept telling us we needed to go on a date because they thought we'd hit it off.  After a couple weeks, we decided we needed some help getting dates (haha just kidding...but really) so we both agreed to go on a date with our roommates. Both of us were pretty anxious the entire day and didn't really expect much from a blind date...and then we met each other :) The group decided to go to a haunted corn maze, which was huge for Nicole because of how scared she gets of that kind of stuff. During a part of the maze, Nicole got scared and shouted a swear word and spent the rest of the night apologizing. Kyle took advantage of the situation and cold weather and grabbed Nicole's hand . Luckily we both were wearing gloves so we couldn't feel how sweaty the other persons hand was from being so nervous! We quickly realized we had a lot in common - favorite movies, music, and sense of humor. After the corn maze, we decided to watch a movie with our roommates, who "conveniently" disappeared and left us alone at Kyle's apartment. A few hours and many 'The Office' episodes later, we noticed what time it was. We were getting along so well and didn't realize how fast time was passing.  The next day I got a text from Kyle, and we've talked everyday since.

The Proposal : After dating for awhile, we started talking about marriage and eventually started planning for our wedding. After the school year ended, Nicole went home to visit her family in Nebraska. Kyle knew that when she got back, she'd be expecting to be proposed to sometime soon. When he did propose, Kyle wanted it to be a surprise. After stressing about it for a few days on how to ask her, he decided to drive to Nebraska to surprise Nicole - early the next morning he took off. Nicole lives 600 miles away and the whole way to Nebraska, he had her convinced he was visiting his grandma's house and "would have no service to text back all day." When Kyle got to Nebraska he parked down the street from Nicole's house and thought of a way to get her to come outside in the pouring rain. He called her and after some persuading, convinced her she needed to come outside. Nicole, still thinking he was in Utah, was in complete shock to see him standing in the middle of the street ( with a rose ;) Dripping wet, we both stood in the street and Kyle got down on one knee and asked her to marry him!! She started that meant yes :)