Stott+Cami Are Engaged || Utah Wedding Photographer

The cheeks on these two must get sore! There was nothing but smiles and giddy love during this session! Which made it easy for me. Stott and Cami met in 2012 at BYU with a bit of an ego crushing (for Stott) first their adorable (and humorous) little love story below:

How we met.
Cami: We met at a ward activity in 2012. His roommate who I had known for a couple years introduced us. I recognized Stott from being on the BYU swim team and thought he was cute. I was currently seeing someone else at the time and secretly hoped to date Stott at some point. Stott doesn't remember that night...what a punk. We didn't talk the rest of the semester but once I finished playing soccer at BYU, he started coming over to my apartment for some random reason here and there. After what felt like forever(three months), he finally asked me out.

Stott: I vaguely remember meeting Cami at the ward activity but I claim I remember that night just to appease her memory. I saw her at church the first week, hoping she wasn't dating anyone. Turns out my friend had recently taken her out a couple times which was not an ideal situation. I went to few soccer games and I just held out waiting for her to finish her senior soccer season before I would pounce. After she finished her season, I started going over to her apartment with treats to win over the roommates. It worked like a charm. I would have asked her out earlier but she gave absolutely no signs whatsoever. After a little while of trying to figure her out, I took the plunge and asked her out.

First Date
Cami: Our first date was mini golf. I crushed him. The date went well but I still didn't know if I was interested in him.
Stott: We played mini golf. She beat me. I was embarrassed because she's a girl. I thought the date went well but I still had no idea if she was remotely interested in me.

Cami: We spent Memorial Day weekend at his family's home in the San Diego area. I knew he had the ring so I was just waiting on him. I thought he was going to do it at the beach but there were always people around, which wasn't ideal. We left for Utah but he took a different way ending up on an old bridge in a pretty gully. We talked for a bit and then he reached in his back pocket with some delay and pulled out the ring. He almost dropped the ring but I still said yes. Then... the car alarm went off on the other side on the bridge. He nailed the proposal.
Stott: I wanted to do it at the beach but there were always people around and I wanted it to be just the two of us. We were on our way back to Utah but we made a quick detour to an old bridge in a gully that was pretty and secluded. We talked for a bit and then I tried to get the ring out of my back pocket but it got stuck. I managed to get it out and propose while almost dropping the ring in the process. It was a short lived moment because the car alarm went off and we had to run to check it. Didn't matter because she said yes.