Dallin + Alli Engaged || Salt Lake City Engagements

Meet Alli and Dallin. A super sweet couple that I'm lucky enough to be working with! She's from Washington and He's from Texas together now they are planning a beautiful September wedding! Read the beginning of their cute little love story below and look through their happy engagements...

First Time We Met

Alli: I noticed Dallin the first or second week of attending a new Young Single Adult Ward. It took him a little longer to notice me. Timing is important. One Sunday I was sitting in the hall and saw him again. I remember thinking that I really wanted to get to know him. We made eye contact (he has great eyes), but he didn't speak to me. Later that night, my roommates and I went to ward prayer. It had rained and being from Washington I was wearing rain boots. Dallin walked in and finally said something to me. "Nice boots." I laughed, said thank you, and he sat next to me. I wanted to talk to him more. One of my roommates mentioned that I had made chocolate chip cookies and he pretty much invited himself over. I did not complain one bit. He asked me out on a date and I said yes. I was leaving for California for the weekend, so I told him our date would have to be the following week. We exchanged numbers and said good night. He didn't want to wait for me to get back from California, so he asked me to accompany him to the opening of his friend's mission call before I left. 

Dallin: The first time I saw Alli was at church. I saw her and remember thinking, "man she is good looking! How have I never seen her before!?" I went on about my day and then saw her later that night at ward prayer. I said something like, "killer boots" and then we sat next to each other. After her roommate said they had cookies, I had to invite myself to come over. I loved them! After talking for a while I asked her out and she said yes! We were set to go out the next week. I could not wait that long!!!

First Date

Alli: I was nervous, anxious, and excited all at once. He came to the door and we set off on the first of our many adventures. We talked about everything and I met new friends. After congratulating our friend on his mission call, he asked if I would want to go see Turbo at the dollar theater. I was having such a fun time with him I didn't even care that I had to get up early the next morning. It was a simple yet wonderful date and I could tell I wanted to continue to get to know him even more. Our first "real" date was spent walking through IKEA and chatting about furniture and anything and everything else.

Dallin: I asked her to come with me to my friend's house when he opened his mission call. It was then that we decided to go out to a movie. I remembered getting the chills the first time we held hands and still do to this day! Our real first date was when we went to IKEA. We walked and talked and continued to hold hands. We talked about anything and everything we could. I still remember the first time we kissed like it was yesterday. Though it was not on the first date, it was the night of the second.

The Proposal

Alli: Dallin took me to his hometown in Texas for Easter weekend. We packed a lot into the few days we were there. The morning of the proposal I didn't know where he had gone; he says he was just downstairs. I should have known something was going to happen during the egg hunt. He had told me that he was going to propose this weekend but decided not to, so I wasn't expecting a proposal. During the egg hunt, I felt like something was up because I could tell his siblings were following us around. The last one was incredibly light. When he asked me to open it, I was surprised. A ring! He proposed and said the sweetest words. I said yes! It was such a memorable experience and I smile thinking about it.

Dallin: When we were getting serious, I decided I was going to take her home to meet my family and then propose. I was going to take her to a place in the Arboretum called the Poet's Room and propose, but I wanted my family to be there. So, I decided to ask her to marry me when we were at my family's cabin. We were going to have an Easter egg hunt, so naturally I hid it in one of the eggs. She was super surprised. I did the natural thing and got down on one knee and said some kind words and could barely breathe! It was awesome and scary at the same time. The rest is history.