Chase+Ashley || Ogden Utah Engagements

Chase and Ashley are high school sweethearts and have been together for over 9 years! They are still so very much in love and so sweet together! They're getting ready to tie the knot next's their story...

How they met:

"We have known each other for a long time! We met in jr. High, but we didnt like each other at all. It wasn't until two years later when I got into high school that we started to talk again.  We started dating at the end of my sophomore year and have been together since. Its been 9 1/2 years! Our first date was at Ruby River because his dad managed it."

How he proposed:

 "I work downtown at City Creek and we always go look at the lights every year. So on December 4th he met me at work and we went and looked at the lights. It was freezing that night and he brought this ugly hand warmer thing that goes around your waist. He usually wears it duck hunting so its camo too. He kept trying to get me to put it on all night but I didnt want too cause I thought it was so ugly. So we were almost done and he finally was like just put it on real fast so I can get a pic. So I gave in. I stuck my hands inside, felt the ring box and immediately started crying. He was like, 'Are you going to look at it?' so I pulled it out and then he asked!