Dallin+Alyssa || Snowbird Utah Engagement Session

I am really loving this cute couple! She's from up state New York and he's a Utah boy but Alyssa and Dallin go together like peanut butter and chocolate! They met on a blind date and you can read all about it below!

First Time We Met

Alyssa: A friend told me all about a Dallin she had been dating so I checked him out on Facebook and asked her about it later. It turns out she was telling me about a different guy! Naturally, I asked her to set up Dallin and me because she kept telling me how great of a guy he is. Plus he’s super attractive! So we didn’t actually meet until our first date.

Dallin: We met through a mutual friend at Utah Valley University. The friend that set us up, who I had to “friend-zone” several times, didn’t get  me too excited to go out with Alyssa so my expectations were very low for that first date.  After seeing her in person, I was like, “Dang, maybe this is going to be better than I had expected.”

First Date

Alyssa: Well, Dallin didn’t want to go on the date and tried to get out of it! He didn’t think I was very pretty and it didn’t help that the girl setting us up told him we had nothing in common so he shouldn’t get his hopes up.

We ended up going bowling, making cookies, and playing scattergorries. We had a lot of fun bowling! We got to be goofs. It was a long date though and so I wasn’t sure if there would be another. He surprised me with tickets to a Jazz game just three days later and then I was sold!

Dallin: So for our first date we played a violent game of bowling. I say violent because, well, bowling isn’t Alyssa best sport and several people almost got hurt, herself included. But beside from the bowling we were able to learn a lot about each other and it turned out that we had a lot in common. After bowling we then made dessert, which I later found out made her sick, and played a grueling game of Scattergories.  By the end of the night I felt like things were going great and a second date would be on the horizon soon.


Alyssa: It was cute! We were up in Yellowstone with his family for a reunion. Mid-afternoon on our first day there, we were at Old Faithful and as it began to go off, he knelt down on one knee, I asked him what he was doing, he ignored me and says, “Alyssa, I will always be faithful to you. Will you marry me?”

I didn’t think he even had a ring yet let alone would get one anytime soon so I was in shock. It was great and his whole family was there to get pictures and videos of our special moment.

Dallin: That day was a windy day in the great Yellowstone National Park. As my family gathered around together at Old Faithful geyser, my palms began to sweat and knowing that at any second the geyser would go off and I would be asking my soul mate to marry me.

She had been asking me about the ring and so I knew she would say yes but the thought of asking the single most important question in my life to this day had frightened me and my nerves were heightened. I could tell she was getting suspicious at the fact that all of my family had phones out and ready to take pictures. I assured her that they all wanted pictures of good Old Faithful.

The geyser soon went off shortly after we arrived there and so I got down onto one knee, pulled the box out of my back pocket and said, “Alyssa, I will always be faithful to you. Will you marry me?”

After not hearing any response but seeing her hold out her left hand, I slipped the ring onto her finger and squeezed her in a loving hug. Five minutes had passed when my aunt asked what did Alyssa say and that’s when she responded, “Yeah, I guess I’ll marry him.”