Ben + Natalie Engaged || Utah Wedding Photographer

Since it's Valentines day I thought I'd share a little love story and some engagements from a few days ago! Meet Ben and Natalie, an adorable couple with a sweet story. 

Ben: Natalie and I met in September 2012. After three unsuccessful date attempts because of Natalie’s “busy schedule” and eight months, she finally agreed to go on a date with me. I really went all out for our first date and took her to Kneaders for dessert. We then went back to my place and watched a movie. She was just floored by the amount of thought I put into that evening so she decided to go on another date with me. This continued throughout the summer of 2013. We really enjoyed hiking, going to Bee’s baseball games, rock climbing, and just being together. Natalie then went on a trip to Europe with her sisters for two weeks. I was very interested in becoming exclusive with her when she got back from her trip. It turns out that Natalie had different plans when she got back. She had been thinking a lot and didn’t feel that we were the right fit. We then stopped talking completely for four months.So after an unscheduled visit to her house, we started talking again. Football became our main topic of conversation that eventually led to snowboarding together. I initially considered us just friends, but then I realized I couldn’t live without this girl. I then began trying to spend as much time with her as possible, but under the title of “just friends.” We would go on countless (not) dates over the subsequent months. Eventually, I broke down and kissed her (again). I thought I was done for. Luckily, she had softened and started to have feelings for me too. All of my persistence had not been in vain. 

The Proposal

Ben: In August 2014, we went to Portland Oregon to visit my best friends and the town that I grew up. I didn’t originally plan on proposing when I planned this trip, but I realized I would want some of my closest friends to be present when it happened. Another bonus was that Natalie would not see it coming. I spoke with her father before we left and received his blessing. The plan was officially in motion. I ended up choosing a spot near downtown Portland called Counsel Crest Park. The last night of the trip, we set up to make the proposal there. My friends were stationed there ahead of us, hidden, cameras in hand. When we arrived at the spot, it turns out that a wedding was just ending. There was many people coming and going. Natalie was confused why we were there at all, considering I told her we were meeting friends for dinner. After awkwardly getting to the right spot, I mustered up the courage, got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. She was speechless and confused. After she finally realized what I was doing, she said yes. As it turned out, the crowd from the wedding had stayed to see the results of my endeavor. They cheered upon hearing the good news. It was fitting end and beginning for us and I couldn’t have been happier.


The red dress Natalie is wearing was her Grandmother's! Beautiful, I know! Her grandmother and great grandmother made it together. it adds the perfect touch of sentiment and classiness to this session!