Dustin+Sarah are Engaged || Logan Utah Wedding Photographer

Sarah and Dustin tie the knot later next month and I can't wait to be apart of their intimate day! These two were made for each other! When I asked Dustin if he had picked out her ring he told me "had connections", turns out the ring was Sarah's grandmother's wedding ring! It's beautiful! And I love that it already has a lifetime of stories attached to it. You can read more about Dustin and Sarah's love story below:

I’m pretty sure Dustin and I had no chance of not being together.
I was visiting some friends in Logan for Halloween and a friend of mine, Neal, invited us over to his house for a get together. He just “happened” to be roommates with Dustin. But that’s not all— one of my best friends/former roommates, Shelly, who I hadn’t seen in two years was in town that weekend. I wanted to see her and meet her husband, Shane. Well guess what? Shane and Dustin were practically brothers since they met in high school.
Two solid connections right off the bat. Like I said, there was no chance we would “not” end up together.
I had dressed up as a Weeping Angel and was painted gray. That didn’t seem to scare him off, but caused for a lot of great jokes. As the big group of us played games and laughed, I remember thinking, “Oh man, that guy over there is hilarious!” We didn’t have much interaction that night, other than when we asked each other what we were studying in school. He said he was going to school to be a butcher. I thought he made it up, so I scoffed. Immediately I realized that he was not, in fact, joking. How awkward for me.
The next day is when I really see it as us meeting each other. A group of us went to a corn maze, and Dustin happened to come along. In the maze we split up into smaller groups, in which it was me, my best friend and him. We had a beast of a time solving the maze, but in that time I got to chat with him and actually get to know him. At one point we were trying to run away from the other group, and Dustin and I took off running together. That— that was a pretty great moment.
First Date:
After we met we texted each other. A lot. We essentially tentatively asked each other out but couldn’t set up a date because we lived two hours apart and our work schedules were crazy. I finally found a weekend that I could go up and employed my friend/his roommate to make sure he had the weekend off. I tried to keep it a surprise, but I just couldn’t.
I had also decided that it was time for me to move back to Logan, so I told him I was going apartment hunting when I came back up. Dustin insisted that he come along, and so he did! Afterwards we went to brunch, in which I got talking so excitedly that I punched my glass of water and spilled it over the table (this is not an uncommon occurrence). Of course my reaction was to pick up the menu, which made all the water go straight towards him. I grabbed what napkins I had, threw them at him, and told him to figure it out. At least that didn’t scare him off.
We went and saw a movie afterwards, then we went to a hockey game. When we sat down at the hockey game he said, “Ah, are we going to be one of those couples that people hate how much we cuddle?” It was smooth. And it worked.
We left the game early because we were starving, so we got our favorite food: pizza. Then we watched Futurama, which was a show we initially bonded over. It was by far the best date I’ve ever had.
The proposal:
We both knew it was coming, but it was still really exciting! It was Valentine’s Day and he told me I couldn’t leave my room as he set up my kitchen. He baked a heart-shaped pizza for us and decorated the kitchen with balloons, flower petals, and candy.
As I sat down for dinner, he told me we were going to watch two special episodes of Futurama. The first one was where my favorite character finally found someone who loved him. The second was where the two main characters were the only ones not frozen in time and they got married and grew old together. It was really cute because we are both big Futurama fans.
Then he switched gears. He showed me some pictures and started talking about how he had been talking to my mom about my grandma, whom I had never met. I was super confused where he was going with it, but I just listened. Neither of us really remember exactly what he said, but the gist of it went like this:
”You never got to meet your grandma, but this is hers—“ and he pulled out a ring case. Inside was a ring that I only ever heard my mom mention once: my grandma’s wedding ring. She passed away before I was born and my mom was very close to her. My mom got the ring and held on to it, intending me to get it when I got married. I was shocked because I had no idea up until that moment.
So Dustin got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. My response? “Like I am going to say no!”