Skyler+Rachael Are Engaged || Ogden Utah Engagements

This couple! They are so cute together. I'm sad I won't be able to photograph their wedding, because of me having the new babe in June, but I was so happy I got to do their engagements! Skyler and Rachael's story began with a date set up by Syler's sister. Read their story below and check out some photos from their engagement session! 

I always knew who Skyler was just because we are both from a small town. I just never thought much of it because I was so much younger than him. When he first got home from his mission I remember seeing Skyler at one of our cheer competitions and thinking he was so handsome but never really thought there was much of a chance because I was still a junior in high school. His two sisters and I cheered together and we became really good friends so when his sister Cheridyn set us up on a date I was so excited but also so nervous. I almost cancelled so many times just because it was so intimidating going out with him. I had never talked to him before so I thought for sure it would be awkward. But it was honestly such a fun date. We went restaurant hopping and then went to the mall and just talked and laughed. Pretty much since that first date we’ve been together. Most of our relationship has been long distance with him being in the army and attending Utah state and me attending Snow College but some how we made it work. Two years after we met, Skyler proposed to me on New Years Eve right at midnight. We are getting married on June 25th and I couldn’t be more excited to start a new life with my best friend.”
”I’d been home from my mission for a couple months and in my free time at nights I was going to the high school state basketball tournament. My sisters were both cheerleaders and there was this one girl on their squad that caught my attention. I asked my one sister to jokingly run the thought of me taking her out by her and if she reacted positively to give me her number. A couple days later she gave me her number! I twiddled my thumbs for a day or so and then finally texted her and to my surprise she actually said yes to going on a date! We didn’t go out again for what like forever because I had army obligations and she had other things going on as well. As corny and cliché as it may sound, when we did finally go out that second time I knew that I wanted to pursue things with her. It wasn’t but a couple months when we ran into our first big dilemma which happened to be me moving to Logan for school. Somehow we managed to get through that year of long-distance and haven’t looked back since! I’m so excited to finally be marrying my best friend!