Kevin+Ivy || Ogden Utah Engagements

I'm all about the story telling aspect of photography. I try really hard to convey the story of whoever I'm doing a session with so that when their children and grandchildren look back they'll be able to get a sense of who they were. I love this series of pictures from Kevin + Ivy's Engagement session because it almost feels like you're spending the day with them as you scroll through the pictures! They are the cutest! You have to read their love story:

About two and a half years ago I was going to school up at Utah State. One night I went to meet a group of friends to play games. I walked in late and they had already started a game of Lightning. I noticed there was a cute guy wearing a Snow College shirt on the court. Seeing as I went to Snow College myself and being the loyal Badger that I am, I started to cheer for this perfect stranger. After the game was over Kevin and I started chatting. He was AWESOME and we had so much in common. He got my number, but not much happened.
We remained friends over the next year or so. I would run in to him pretty often at the library and would help him edit his papers… or so I thought. Turns out it was just an excuse to spend some time with me. That sly dog! He finally asked me out and we went to get frozen yogurt and folded origami out of dollar bills. What a great first date! I had a blast, but the timing just wasn’t in our favor.
We both graduated from USU later that year and I got a job in Ogden as an Elementary School Librarian (Best job EVER in case you were wondering!) Kev was still in Logan but I couldn’t get him off my mind. I decided I had to see if there was something there with him or I would always wonder. So I drove up to Logan one weekend and we went bowling and he gave me a driving lesson on his dirt bike. It was so much fun! We started officially dating about a month later. Despite the distance we saw each other every day. Needless to say, we got pretty darn familiar with that canyon. Thankfully Kev landed an awesome job in Ogden a few months later and moved down, making our dating lives a WHOLE lot easier.
On January 16 Kev took me to the Salt Lake City Library to explore. We had planned to do this for months but just hadn’t gotten around to it. (A couple things you should know before we go any further: 1- I LOVE libraries and books. 2- My favorite book of all time is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. 3- I had absolutely no idea a proposal is coming. AT ALL.) So after exploring for a while Kev suggested we go find The Book Thief. We looked it up on the computer but they were all checked out. He insisted on looking for it anyway, so reluctantly and very doubtfully I went along. After searching for a while, he pulled The Book Thief off one of the shelves! I flipped through it and noticed there was a folded up piece of paper in the middle. He said he wanted to read it to me out in the amphitheater. I thought, “Well this is a cute date!” Little did I know what was coming! Once we got outside Kev sat me in the middle of the theater and read the most beautiful poem I have ever heard in my life. It was all about the journey we have had together, the fun memories we have made, and how much he loves me. By the end of the poem I was in tears! I gave him a big hug, then he stepped back, got down on his knee and asked me to marry him! I couldn’t have been more thrilled. The ring was gorgeous, the proposal was perfect, and now I get to marry the most amazing man in the entire world!!