Cameron+Amy Engaged || Utah Wedding Photographer

I really do get to work with such awesome couples. I love them all! Each pair are unique. Cameron and Amy are so comfortable around each other and I loved watching them laugh together! Their relationship started out as "friends only" but blossomed into true love! Read their story and browse through some of their engagements below...

I first met Cameron on a blind date. Cameron’s cousin wanted to set us up, and I wanted to set her up with my cousin. So we went on a double blind date where we had dinner and went ice skating. If you had asked me then, I didn’t know I had just gone out with the man of my dreams. Cameron and I had a lot of fun together and had good chemistry, but I was stubborn about being “just friends”. However, I did know Cameron was a really incredible person right away. He was so fun and outgoing, and we loved to laugh together. We became great friends and did a lot of fun things together; like make sunday dinners, go to Aggie basketball games, eat breakfast on Saturday mornings at Kneaders, and participate in church activities. The more time we spent together, my admiration for who he was grew and grew.
Cameron had decided to go to Texas for the summer, and I stayed in Utah doing an interior design internship in Salt Lake. The more time that slipped by, the more I realized how much I missed him! I couldn’t wait for him to get back. Thoughts of us dating when he got back flooded my mind. And that’s exactly what we did.
After 7 months of friendship, and 7 months of dating, Cameron proposed to me on the sandy beaches of Florida on our spring break vacation. He had put in so much effort to personally design my ring, and was just as excited about it as I was; which made it that more special for us.
After our adventures and experiences together, I feel so blessed to say I literally get to marry my best friend, and can’t wait for our future together!
In January of 2014 I met the most amazing girl named Amy and we were set up on an awesome blind date where we met and got to know each other for the first time. When I first met Amy I thought that she was the most awesome girl who was talented and strong in so many ways, which I still believe with all of my heart. She was one of my first and best friends at Utah State and we started a friendship that we both knew would be long lasting. After a short while I was very eager to “take our relationship to the next level” as they say, but Amy didn’t feel the same way, maybe a case of the post-mission rush but I really liked her and wanted to date her. Over the next month we didn’t talk much I started hanging out with other people and we lost touch. Amy was very persistent that she wanted to still be my friend and spend time together which made no sense to me. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that Amy still wanted to be friends with me, even though she hadn’t felt the same way before. Over time we started hanging out more and more and I became very confused about what she wanted or what I even wanted. Even confused as I was I still knew that I enjoyed being around her and that she made me want to be a better person, so I came to terms with that and I was fine with what we had. After heading to Texas to work for the summer Amy and I spent time talking on the phone and even miles apart were able to continue feeding the flames of our friendship. Over the summer we both realized what we wanted to do and together we jumped into the fairy tale that we know now as our Love Story. After returning home we began to date and became very serious about just dating each other and after seven months I asked Amy to be my wife which was the best thing I have ever done. She is amazing and I love her with all my heart.