Andrew+Mallory Are Engaged || Ogden Wedding Photographer

I'm so excited to be working with this cute couple! They've been through a lot but it's brought them closer together. Read their story and check out their engagement session below... 

Andrew and I first met at the end of September in 2013 at Utah State. I was in the study lounge of our dorm building studying hard for a test I had the next day with my friend. Andrew and his roommate came running in because they had just pulled a prank on their other roommate and needed a place to hide. Needless to say, I was more than a little annoyed. He worked hard to reverse that poor first impression the next month and a half, showing up to my door with chocolate and always being there when I wanted to talk.

Our first date was on December 17th, 2013 and we went to an Italian restaurant in City Creek and walked around Temple Square, looking at the Christmas lights. Andrew knew how much I liked Indie movies, and so he surprised me by taking me to the Broadway Theatre in Salt Lake.

On April 8th, 2014, Andrew was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It was a defining moment of our relationship because we were faced with some hard decisions. He was a fighter and didn’t let his cancer stop him for a moment. He went through a rigorous regimen of chemotherapy so that he would be done with it and radiation by the time school started again in the Fall. He stayed positive all summer and finished treatments on August 6th.

Andrew proposed to me on March 26th, 2015 in The SkyRoom of the TSC at USU. The SkyRoom is a nice restaurant with a beautiful view of the mountains. There was a dinner party and Andrew knows that I love dressing up. We went with our good friends Amanda and Josh who had recently gotten married. Amanda was in on the proposal and had me come over to their house beforehand to get ready with her so Andrew could make sure everything was good to go. Afterwards, we were getting ready to take pictures when Andrew said he’d be right back. He came back with his roommate who was holding a camera. I was so confused! Andrew handed me a journal and said, “Mallory, I know you love journaling, so I thought you could use this to journal about our future together. Why don’t you read this first entry?” The entry said, ‘Today was a good day. Andrew asked me to marry him and I said______’ and when I looked up, he was kneeling with a ring! I’m so excited to marry him (and journal our future together)!

In September of 2013, my roommate and I had decided we were going to pull a prank on our older roommate. We stole his beanbag and ran into a study room in our dorm. When I ran in, I was hit by a brick wall (not literally!). I saw this beautiful girl, you know the ones that are in slow motion with the wind blowing in their hair in the movies? She was just right in front of my face and I was acting like an idiot! That day I was too tongue-tied to say anything and I just left. I found out about three weeks later that she was not only in my ward, but also I had access to her number with her being the Ward Communications Specialist. I found ways to text her in order to start up small conversations and keep her on the phone. Eventually, we started hanging out in November. She was very cautious for a while - about a month or so. You could say I was in the friend zone, but I am one of those rare success stories.

Over Christmas break I finally convinced her to let me take her out on a date, so I knew I had to go all-out. I took her to a fancy Italian restaurant and a hipster movie theatre because I sensed she would like things like that. It worked and a mere two days later I somehow managed to call her my girlfriend officially.

Four months later, I was diagnosed with cancer and this girl that was so hard to catch now wouldn’t let go of me. Not that I wanted her to let go, but I would have understood. As time passed and the summer dragged on, eventually my treatments finished and we were ready to go back to Utah State.

On March 26th, 2015, I coordinated with her friends and mine about how to propose to her. We went to a dinner party and at the end, overlooking the mountains, I asked her to marry me. As I’m sure you can tell, she said yes. Who knew one beanbag would change my life so drastically?