When do I get my pictures back?

I know how hard it is to wait - especially when we are so used to our Amazon Prime memberships! However, the post processing can take a bit of time, but I have a system down that allows me to get your images back pretty quickly. I like to maintain a turn around time of 2-3 weeks for sessions and 2-4 weeks for weddings. This gives me a little wiggle room during our busy season. I do offer an expedited option for those who need their images back in less than a week. The expedited fee starts at $75.   

"You can photoshop that, right?"

I here this a lot! Most of the time it's meant to be funny, and that's totally cool! However, I very rarely will open up photoshop when editing. I use Adobe Lightroom, It's my fav!

Do you do video?

Currently, I do not have a videographer on the team. But, I am on the hunt to bring a videographer to the Krystal & Co. family! Until then, we are happy to give you recommendations.


Can I customize my photo package?

That's easy. Yes!



A lot. Putting a limit to the number of images you get back has always been difficult for me. So I have a range depending on the session and coverage type. What you get back is typically on the higher end of the range. You can find each range listed on the session/package details under the Investments tab.


WHY is photography so expensive?

I like to look at it as an investment. And I totally get that it may feel expensive! Let me explain more over on this blog post.


Can my (insert friend or family member) take pictures at the session or wedding?

Everyone seems to know someone that's a photographer or an aspiring photographer. I've found that if they take pictures during a session or wedding, when I am too, it gets distracting,  confusing for you and guests, and interferes with our time and space to get those perfect shots. For this reason, (and some others too) there are no other photographers allowed to shoot during the session or wedding coverage that you've hired me for. If you're wanting another photographer to help with coverage, I have an amazing team already in place to take care of that. We know how to work well together, coordinate our shots and perspective so you get the most coverage possible!

As a side note; if your friend or family member is looking for practice and to build their portfolio, you can point them in the direction of my workshops and mentoring page! 

Can I pay you for just the raw images?

No. I don't offer the option to purchase the RAW images. All photos will be edited to remain cohesive to our brand. Clients are not allowed to edit the images themselves.


Do you offer the copyright release?

Although we offer printing, the print release is still included in all packages. However, the copyright is not ever released. The print release allows you to print your images to your heart's content but I still own the copyright.   


do you travel out of state?

Yes! I love to shoot in other beautiful states and countries. Just send me a message to talk about travel fees. 


How long have you been taking pictures?

I started back in 2008 when I was living in Maryland. I primarily did sessions for friends and family and then It quickly blossomed into a business. I've taken breaks from time to time as I've had kids but picked it back up 4 years ago. I know specialize in Weddings and Lifestyle sessions! I love it so so much!