I’m Krystal, a happily married woman and Boss Mom. I have two creative little girls and two adventurous little boys! My family are my first loves and photography is my second. Other things I love are: sushi, long walks on the beach, laugh attacks, dresses, fresh flowers in my kitchen, weddings, dessert, the outdoors and spending time with my family. I love a good cause, farmer's markets, buying local, and free time!  

A lot of people wonder how old I am when they find out I have 4 kids. I have a baby face, so they say and no one has ever guessed my real age. Ever. If you guess right, or even come within a year or two, I'll buy you somethin real nice!

I grew up in Southern California, studied at USU, married young in Logan Utah, and through the years we’ve lived in Logan, Texas and Maryland. We moved back to Utah 4 years ago and now live in North Ogden.

I started taking pictures for friends and family back in 2008. What started as a hobby and passion has grown into a wholehearted professional business. It's incredible how much beauty you can capture with a camera! And that’s one of the reasons why I love being a photographer. My hope and goal is for you to see that beauty, love and personality in the images we create together so that years down the road when you pull out your old photos or pass by them hanging on your wall, those photographs will put a smile on your face and make memories come alive again.

I believe in taking pictures often! There is a story behind every moment and I love capturing those moments not only for my own family but for yours too. And because time seems to pass by all too quickly, our children’s faces change without us even noticing and then they are all of the sudden getting married. We can’t afford not to take pictures often!

I feel like gaining a relationship with your photographer can make a world of difference in your overall experience. That’s one reason why I started my blog and instagram account. It’s a place where you’ll discover my style and a little bit more about who I am. If you like what you see I’d love to hear from you!

(Above you'll see a mini photo sesh of me in my home office. I'm a little camera shy and felt totally awkward during it..I'm MUCH more comfortable behind the camera! Picture credit for those goes to my husband and 7 year old daughter. Photo Credit for the family pics goes to Summer Nicole Photo. A photog friend and member of my second shooter team.)


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